Rudy Salo, Infrastructure Finance Attorney, Nixon Peabody, LLP, Forbes.

A Candid Conversation among CEOs

Learn the very latest mobility trends from the best and the brightest. Top executives from the industry’s leading mobility and technology companies will assemble in a roundtable discussion to share their insight on how transportation practices can be improved to meet anticipated challenges and our shared vision for the future.

  • Moderator: Jay Rogers, CEO and Co-Founder, Local Motors by LM Industries
  • David Schwietert, Chief Policy Officer, Alliance for Automotive Innovation
  • Quan Vu, Director of Business Development, Ouster
  • Kwok-yin “KY” Chan, Senior Advisor and former CEO, Protean Electric

Automated Driving Systems: Impacts on Individuals, Infrastructure and the Transportation Industry

How is the advent of automated driving systems (ADS) impacting our infrastructure and individuals—especially our most vulnerable residents? A panel comprised of representatives from government agencies and private industry will assess how ADS impacts these three sectors of society and the future of mobility.


  • Moderator: Randy Iwasaki, Executive Director, Contra Costa Transportation Authority
  • Tim O’Keefe, Chief Executive Officer, Rossmoor/Golden Rain Foundation
  • Rita Excell, Executive Director, Australia and New Zealand Driverless Vehicle Initiative (ADVI)
  • Jennifer Schmitz, Managing Partner, Lattice Industries
  • James Kim, Business Development Lead, Verizon Business Group

Putting Safety First: the Latest Testing at GoMentum Station  

GoMentum Station is the nation’s largest AV testing site, located right here in the Bay Area. Since AAA Northern California, Nevada and Utah assumed operation of the site in 2018, it has created a unique partner ecosystem to advance AV safety. In this session, GoMentum’s partners will share their latest work and learnings from on-site testing, including how the work is impacting the safe development and deployment of AVs.

  • Moderator: Charlie Vogelheim, Host, the Flying Car
  • Ignacio Garcia, Vice President Autonomous Vehicle Strategy, AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah
  • Tim Wong, Head of Technical Marketing, NVIDIA
  • Chad Partridge, CEO, Metamoto, Inc.
  • Laura Fraade-Blanar, Associate Policy Researcher, RAND Corporation
  • Dustin Hinds, Senior ITS Specialist, Cubic|Trafficware

Micromobility: Expanding Our Transportation Landscape

Just as our technology has become more personalized over the last 15 years, so have our transportation options. To travel short distances, more people are ditching their cars in favor of small, manually or electrically powered vehicles. From old-school modes like bikes and skateboards to 21st century alternatives like pods and e-scooters–this panel will address ways micromobility expands our travel choices and changes how officials plan and build our transportation systems.

  • Tilly Chang, Executive Director, San Francisco County Transportation Authority
  • Dave Campbell, Advocacy Director, Bike East Bay
  • Dr. Susan Shaheen, PhD, Professor, CEE and Co-Director, TSRC, University of California, Berkeley
  • Arjan van Andel, Director of Business Development and Marketing, Traffic, Lead MaaS North America,  PTV Group America