8:45 am Opening Remarks

Welcoming Remarks from Board Chair Chris Kelley, Contra Costa Transportation Authority

Welcoming Remarks from Supervisor Candace Andersen, Contra Costa County District II

Welcoming Remarks from Mayor Dave Hudson, City of San Ramon

9:00 am Envisioning Future Roadways

Urban mobility requires decisive planning. Visionaries will discuss the necessity to reprioritize roadways to not only to serve the many modes that share our streets, but to address safety, mobility equity issues while addressing our changing climate as well.

Moderator: Tim Haile, Executive Director, Contra Costa Transportation Authority

Liz Justison, Vice President Northern California Transportation Business, WSP

Liam Pedersen, Deputy General Manager, Alliance Innovation Lab – Silicon Valley

Zachary Zeliff, Chief Business Development Officer, Glydways, Inc.

10:45 am Building the Workforce of the Future

As technology changes the world around us, our industry should be investing in and supporting the skills needed by transportation professionals in the future. This session will focus on how we develop a pipeline of talent to support a sustainable, equitable, innovative future for transportation.

Moderator: Bobby Ram, Bay Area LEEDS Board Member and Chief Operating Officer, Optivolt

Tom Tang, Chief People Officer, May Mobility

Tammy Meehan Russell, Founder & Chief Catalyst, The Plum Catalyst

Beth McCormick, Director of Strategic Workforce Development for Engineering, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

1:30 pm Keynote

Dr. Steven Cliff, Deputy Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

2:00 pm Developments in Air Mobility

Air mobility is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. This panel will discuss the many facets of air mobility, and how the industry is tackling policy, privacy and regulatory issues.

Moderator:  Diane Burgis, Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, District 3

James Parrish, Business Director, Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration

Maxime Gariel, Chief Technology Officer, Xwing

Joshua Resnick, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer, Parallel Flight Technologies

3:15 pm Advances in Automation

Whether driving a car, using public transportation, or developing Shared Autonomous Vehicles (SAV) technology, innovations continue to make mobility more efficient and safer. Experts will share advances in artificial intelligence, digital infrastructure and personalized transit options.

Moderator: Jack Hall, ITS CV/AV Program Manager, Contra Costa Transportation Authority

Kristin White, Chief Operating Officer, ITS America

Sally Frykman, Chief Marketing Officer, Velodyne Lidar

Phil Pierce, Senior Public Policy & Safety Strategy Manager, Zoox

Brandon Corsentino, Business Development, Beep Inc.